if i know you please fuck off xoxo turn away.

y’all niggas be drinking in cups I be drinking in cans🍵 #biennigga #starbucks #coffee #espresso #latte #nolesdigoyo 👌 #doubleshot #chile #rancagua #winter #cold #colors #colorful

by the lack of interest i have over everything, I’m pretty sure if someone tried to kill me I’ll be like ‘sure why not’

ah que maravilloso ✨ #balloons #gold #metallic #birthday #winter #school

clueless since 1996

it’s all fun and games until your friends start ignoring your existence


Minho Faces  -  Cool Kiz on the Block Introductions

what a cute devil ψ(ㅍ v ㅍ)

adorable jinki.  


Pamukkale, Turkey

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💸💸, si no voy me tiro de un puente~ #arcticmonkeys #southamericantour #alexturner #am #alexbandguy #aymami #chile #movistararena

I don’t know how to feel about him

things im not feeling about kpop #1

after being on this whole new universe for a couple of years now, I have been strangely bothered on 2013-2014 by fanwars and their arguments based on bullshit. yes, bullshit.

what’s with the ‘oh you are staning got7 so you cant stan exo anymore’

'apink, they are irrelevant.'
/get out whoever said that/

'beast doesn't have big hits'

'you can't stan exo if you are elf'

'G-dragon is getting on everyone business'

? ?¿?

DUDE. Every single kpop artist is AMAZINGLY talented. It doesn’t matter what company they are, where do they come from or if they have a simil number of members.

What I’m getting of it is that lately, everyone is listening groups just because they are handsome. I know, being handsome is a big plus in this industry but what about their voices? their dance moves or how amazingly coordinated they are on stage?

So, a friendly advice.
Enjoy what you are listening to. Stop worrying about what a fan said on the other side of the world and stan whoever you want. Buy the cd that you like and don’t think about the company. Sing the song that’s stucked on your head even if it’s from a group that your fandom hates.

As for me, i will continue to sing my lungs out to every artists that i like, buy every merch that I happen to want and I kindly suggest y’all to do the same (´∀`)♡

i can’t believe I actually expected things from people

bumkeyk: check this out !!#NYLON july

bumkeyk: they’re watching me and my pantz…. its too short
bumkeyk: what’s big deal my little freaks ! buy it eat it !!

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